Colors, proportion, composition and a manifest feeling for beauty are natural skills that Isa developed in her youth under the auspices of her father, the artist Jean Bilquin. Inspired by one of her favorite childhood pastimes, Isa studied goldsmithing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp and further refined her jewelry skills, with a special emphasis on ancient beadwork. Ample travelling, often over routes where in the distant past beads have been traded, brought Isa in touch with a world of ever changing varieties of beads. Strings of beads that once adorned necks of beautiful women, seduced eyes of restless men and magically frightened malevolent spirits, grew into a collection. With love and care Isa sorts every bead one by one. These display, just as each human, an intriguing mix of grace and imperfections. New strings are born, ready to be cherished again.