Welcome to WeArt,
your trusted partner for the online sale, 
evaluation and acquisition of artworks.

WeArt is a new online art experience.

Our vision is to create a new online art marketplace dedicated to professionals, private sellers and collectors who can buy and sell artworks in a safe, transparent and simple manner.

Our goal is to offer increased exposure and better market opportunities to both established and emerging dealers, as well as to artists and private sellers, all at the fairest price.

Our commitment is to ensure quality of service – authentication and valuation, promotion and sales, return guarantee and secure payment, packing and transport – to privilege a relationship of confidence and respect between buyer and seller.

Our motivation is a real concern for the future of the art world we grew up with. Physical outlets are faced with enormous challenges in a changing economy due to a shifting clientele who increasingly focus on the Internet.

WeArt aims to raise the profile and visibility of galleries, dealers and artists with new and secure marketing tools, offering expert evaluation to both buyer and seller, targeting our services to the collectors of tomorrow.

Our foundation is an exclusive network of Affiliated Dealers and Artists, drawn mainly from Belgium and France, who sell art and antiquities through our online market place.

But sometimes it takes more than two to tango. An orchestra is a big help. That’s why our associated experts are there: ready to bring their know-how to bear on any question from a private seller and buyer.

The Founders

WeArt was launched in 2017 in Brussels by Lélia Woliner, Karim Grusenmeyer, Damien Woliner, who had a common vision to develop an innovating and secured marketplace for Art dealers and Collectors.

WeArt co-partners since 2015 with the Paris based agency Celaneo, specialized in mobile and web technologies to bring its expertise in IT development.

WeArt unites skills in the fields of art and e-commerce so tradition can meet technology in a simple and safe way.


The Weart offices and showroom are located in rue des Minimes 17, Sablon, 1000 - Brussels.

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WeArt Team


Lelia Woliner


Lélia Woliner

Manager & co-founder

Karim Grusenmeyer


Karim Grusenmeyer

Expert & co-founder

Damien Woliner


Damien Woliner

Expert & co-founder

Nicolas Rolland


Nicolas Rolland

Web manager & Partner